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nnniinkniinnn's Reviews
Watch Major Crimes Online Season 5 Episode 5
@crazyh If you inspect the code on openload's site you can quickly remove their adblock disable feature by deleting a few key lines.
2 months ago
Watch The Flash (2014) Online Season 3 Episode 23
You're right about the rest of the links though.
3 months ago
Watch The Flash (2014) Online Season 3 Episode 23
@captcrazie, click on the link (the one from cutiepie works for sure). Close all the ads if you need to, then click "View" or "Download". If you click view it will reload the page with a working play button.
3 months ago
Watch Star Trek: The Next Generation Online
@MrPo: there are links working for literally every episode. Is your browser blocking flash plugins? Flash is being phased out and blocked, essentially due to insecurities.
3 months ago
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